Full-time firefighters are hired after applying through the City of Greeley Human Resources Department and going through a process of competitive testing. Successful candidates are placed on an eligibility list and are hired from the list as openings occur.

Find out more on our firefighter recruitment page.

Find out more by visiting our firefighter recruitment page or by clicking here.

Requirements for fire pits per the adopted Fire Code in Greeley are as follows:

  • Minimum of 15 feet from a structure or combustible material;
  • Fire must be constantly attended while burning;
  • No trash burning;
  • Must have a readily available method of extinguishment (hose, extinguisher);
  • Must comply with State “clean air” regulations (ie “no burn days”);
  • If smoke is offensive to neighbors (blowing into windows), fire must be extinguished.

Contact us at 970-350-9510 for additional information.

Our services are supported by tax dollars and, generally, no additional payment is required. Under certain circumstances, property owners may be charged for the costs incurred in the clean-up of hazardous substance spills (under State statute) and there are charges for fire alarm/sprinkler system permits.

Other agencies involved in emergency response within the Department's jurisdiction may apply charges according to their own policies.

When a 9-1-1 call is made, a set of pre-determined responses is set in motion. These responses are designed to put all necessary resources at the scene to adequately handle the emergency.

We are happy to assist residents with the correct installation of child car seats. Please call a fire station nearest you to schedule an appointment.