Wildland Fire Team

The wildland fire team is comprised of over 80 firefighters who are certified through the National Wildland Coordination Group to combat wildland fires across the country. Each team member is required to attend a mandatory annual refresher and complete a rigorous fitness test. The main goal of the wildland team is to provide an expert response to wildland fires and wildland-urban interface fires within our jurisdiction and neighboring jurisdictions. Sharing and training their knowledge and expertise with the department is another important function of the team. Team members also deploy locally, regionally, and nationally to assist in fighting large wildfires through cooperative agreements with state and federal land management agencies. These deployments are significant for gaining knowledge, skill, and experience. Team members can deploy on Type 6 Engines or Type 1 Tactical Tenders. Additionally, team members may deploy as “single resources” to assist various functions on a wildland fire.

Greeley Fire Department Wildland Fire Team truck in front of a wildfire