Community Safety

The Community Safety Division is responsible for protecting our citizens and the community of Greeley through coordinated efforts in fire prevention, fire code enforcement, fire protection engineering, and fire and life safety education.

The Community Safety Division uses community risk reduction strategies to identify and prioritize local risks and hazards.

The Community Safety Division is under the command of the Greeley Fire Department’s Fire Marshal. The division operates and works alongside members of the City’s Community Development Department, Water Department, and various other departments within the City, County, and State.

Our Community Safety Division helps with the following:

  • Fire and life safety education
  • Fire code compliance and enforcement
  • Fire inspections;
  • New construction permits and plan review
  • Fire protection systems permits and plan review
  • Development review
  • Fire flow information
  • Fire investigations
  • Incident report review

The City of Greeley and the Western Hills Fire Protection District have adopted the 2021 International Fire Code, except as amended in the City of Greeley Municipal Code. The fire code establishes the requirements consistent with nationally recognized good practice for providing a reasonable level of life, safety, and property protection from the hazards of fire, explosion or dangerous conditions in new and existing buildings, structures, and premises, and to provide safety to firefighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.

To learn more about any additions, deletions and amendments to the adopted fire code, please reference Chapter 12 of the City of Greeley Municipal Code or by contacting our Community Safety Division.

For information, please contact us at 970-350-9510 or [email protected].

To schedule an inspection please visit Please allow 2 business days for an inspector to contact you to schedule your inspection.

2024 Fee Schedule

For tips on how to be fire safe, check out the National Fire Protection Association.

Greeley firefighters and community members gathered in front of Ladder Truck 5