The mission of the Greeley Fire Department’s Training Division is to enhance the personal and professional development of all fire department members while ensuring our firefighters are compliant with local, State, and National standards. The Training Division develops, implements, and maintains programs supporting the safe, efficient, and effective actions of fire department personnel and is responsible for the development and coordination of all major training activities.

The Department’s The Training Division is staffed with one Battalion Chief, a Training Coordinator, and two Lieutenants. This team coordinates specialized in-house training to convey new concepts and techniques, reinforce existing skills and address modern advances in the delivery of emergency services. In addition, the Training Division provides oversight of all recruit firefighter training.

The Department is committed to providing training that meets or exceed fire service industry standards. As such, the Training Division maintains a very active role in joint regional training with surrounding agencies, including the Front Range Fire Consortium (FRFC). The Training Division coordinates and provides instruction for recruit firefighters through our 4-week in-house Lateral Firefighter Academy and the FRFC 15-week entry-level Recruit Firefighter Academy.

Whether it be new firefighter training or continuing education for existing firefighters, the Training Division has an integral role in keeping our firefighters and citizens safe.

Interested in joining the Greeley Fire Department? If so, please contact our Training Coordinator, [email protected] – to learn more about what it takes to become a member of the Greeley Fire Department.

Greeley firefighters engaged in a training exercise at the Greeley training center