About Us

The Greeley Fire Department is an all-hazards, all-response career fire department protecting the lives and property of the residents, businesses, and visitors of Greeley, Colorado. The Department provides emergency management services, fire protection services; emergency medical services (Advanced Life Support – ALS non-transport); specialty rescue services; hazardous materials response; fire inspections and code enforcement; public education and prevention programs; and fire investigations.

The department operates through an intergovernmental agreement to provide the same services to the Western Hills Fire Protection District, which is a special district primarily to the east of the City of Greeley.

The City of Greeley contracts its Emergency Medical Transport Services to UCHealth, who provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport services for the entire Greeley Fire Department response area.

The Department is comprised of 135 personnel and operates from seven strategically placed fire stations throughout the City and covers a service area of 64.5 square miles. In 2022, the Department responded to over 17,000 calls for service.

The women and men of the Greeley Fire Department work tirelessly to achieve and maintain the highest level of professionalism and efficiency on behalf of those they serve.

Our Vision
The Greeley Fire Department is a world-class organization committed to community excellence.

Our Core Tenets
Prevention. Preparedness. Response.

Our Mission
Professional. Compassionate. Service.

Our Operational Priorities
Operational Effectiveness. Organizational Excellence. Community Excellence.

Our Guiding Principles
Dedication, Excellence, Honor, Integrity, Respect and Safety.

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